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Nicotinamide (NAM) Technology

Omisirge is the first and only FDA-approved, NAM-modified allogeneic hematopoietic progenitor cell (HPC) therapy for patients 12 years and older with hematologic malignancies in need of transplant

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Donor source cells
are selected
Benefits of CBU as a
donor source
  • Less stringent HLA-matching requirements10
  • Enhanced graft-versus-
    leukemia (GvL) effect11
  • Rapid cell procurement12,13
  • No concern over
    donor age14
CD34+ Cells
(Cultured Fraction)
Cells are segregated
into two populations
according to their
expression of the stem
cell marker CD34
CD34- Cells
(Non-cultured Fraction)
Cells are washed, formulated into a
suspension, and then cryopreserved

CD34- Cells
(Non-cultured Fraction)

Cells are washed, formulated into a
suspension, and then cryopreserved

NAM-modified ex vivo expansion
increases the quantity and enhances
the functionality of HPCs15
Omisirge NAM-modified allogeneic
HPC therapy
CD34- Non-Cultured Fraction (NF)
Mature myeloid and lymphoid cells,
including T cells and B cells
CD34+ Cultured Fraction (CF)
Enhanced population of CD34+ HPCs

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